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Volcano Vaporizer

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  • Volcano Classic Vaporizer
  • Volcano Digital Vaporizer +$120.00

What's Included:

1 New 110V Volcano Vaporizer
2 Extra Volcano Air Filters
1 Storz & Bickel Custom Grinder
1 User Manual

New Easy Valve Balloon System:
5 Easy Valve Balloon's
5 Easy Valve Mouthpieces
1 Easy Valve Filling Chamber
6 Normal Screens
1 Easy Valve Liquid Pad
1 Cleaning Tool

The Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano is the king of desk top herbal vaporizers - and you won't find a more effective, recommended and highly reviewed vaporizer on the market today. Using a patented state-of-the-art vaporization system, top quality materials and innovative design, German manufacturer Storz & Bickel created a vaporizer that delivers the highest quality vapor - pure, fresh and potent – while offering efficiency, ease of use and a high level of safety.

Many people opt to use the Volcano to eradicate the risks of smoking herbs. In aromatherapy, the Volcano vaporizer is most recommended for releasing aromatic compounds from various herbs, plant extracts and essential oils. It brings about three to four times better delivery of active herbal ingredients or substances compared to other processes and devices.

How It Works

The Volcano uses a forced air system to pump in fresh air. The filtered air is heated up and passed over the herbs or essential oils to create vapor. This vapor fills a heat proof bag (looks more like a normal balloon).

Operating the device is really simple, so you don't need to stumble through long and intimidating product manuals. Simply put the herbs (leaves, powder, or oil) into a removable chamber on top of the cone-shaped base, and then connect the balloon to the heating chamber. Now the vaporizer is ready: Turn it on, set the temperature, and in just a few minutes the balloon will inflate with clean and fresh vapor. You can inhale the vapor immediately, or keep it in the balloon for up to about 8 hours. Thus, you can always lay back and enjoy your herbal or aroma blend whenever you feel like having it.

The Volcano vaporizer comes in two versions - classic and digital – and there are also two valve kits to choose from.

What's the difference between the Classic Volcano and the Digital Volcano?

The Volcano classic and digital versions function in exactly the same way. The difference is that the Volcano classic has an analog temperature control dial, and the digital version has a digital temperature display. The digital version also has an automatic shut off system that turns off the device after being idle for 30 minutes.

What's the Baloon Bag Valve System?

The newest Volcano vaporizer comes with the new easy valve system. Unlike the older version, where their was a choice between the solid or easy valve kits, the new version comes with one system only: The new easy valve, which combines the best of both the older easy and solid Valves.

The new system includes replaceable balloons, and each balloon comes with a pre-assembled mouthpiece. Replacing the balloon is very simple, and you can make the baloon any length that fits your needs.


The Volcano vaporizer comes with a three year warranty from the manufacturer – for any material or construction defects. If you damage the device (drop it on the ground, for instance) you will have to pay the repair costs. In both cases it is recommended to send the device to Storz & Bickel. In the first case, they will fix the device free of charge, and in the second – they will send you a cost estimate for the repair.

Volcano Vaporizer Review