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There are many types of vaporizers in the market, but only a few are known for their unique physical attributes. Vapor Tower happens to tower tall over any other kind of vaporizing products out in the market. It is the first box-type vaporizing equipment designed with a radical vertical concept. This design enables the vaporizer to facilitate for a vertical heat stream so that amount of possible heat loss during the heating and vaporizing process is significantly lessened. In general, Vapor Tower shares the same physics with the popular volcano-type vaporizers. A double screen design enables suspension of herb material between two screens, which are elevated from a standard ceramic heating system. This special design allows greater flow of air through the blend (because of greater surface area), making the device effective and efficient in utilizing herb. Vapor Tower is designed and manufactured to be unique in every way. The ceramic heating element features a hollow center that brings about more efficient hot air production compared to other heating elements. A user does not need to wait long just to use the device. Once turned on, Vapor Tower gets ready to deliver vapor in just a few minutes. There is a separate switch for turning on and turning off of the device. The main adjustable dial is to control your desired temperature setting. Every kit of the Vapor Tower includes a hand kit, a glass mouthpiece, stir tool, medical grade tube, and a magnetic acrylic grinder. The device is designed and manufactured by US-based OEM, known for designing and releasing the VaporBox and VaporDoc, which were original vaporizers prior to Vapor Tower. Many users are confident of the company, which has the reputation of rolling out vaporizing products of top quality through the years. Vapor Tower is amazing and astounding at its tag price. To further lure buyers, the heating components of the device come with a lifetime warranty. Potential physical damage to glassware due to usage is not covered by warranty, though the manufacturer assures that the part is custom built to last a long time.