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Vapor Genie Review

The Vapor Genie is the most affordable vaporizer on the market, but the low cost is not the only factor that lures users into buying and using this pipe. There are many other distinct and outstanding features: Vapor Genie is effective, easy to use, almost unbreakable and discreet. And maybe most importantly it's powered by a regular lighter, and not batteries like most herbal vaporizers, which makes it truly portable, as you don’t need to worry about recharging. The Vapor Genie vaporizer pipe is also considered the beginners favorite because it is cheap, practical and simple.

How it works

The Vapor Genie looks quite the same as an ordinary combustion pipe. What makes this pipe produce pure vapor instead of smoke is the patented flame filter, which is located between the herb bowl and the lighter flame. When you inhale, The flame filter mixes the heat and the fresh air, providing temperatures between 225-375 degrees which passé over the bowl and vaporizes the herbs. The vapor Genie is made out of top quality materials and lasts a life time.: the body is made of maple wood, the bowl, screen and filter top are made of stainless steel and the filer itself is ceramic.

How to use

Using the Vapor Genie vaporizer is very similar to using any normal pipe. First you fill the bowl with herbs or aromatic blends, then you screw on the top which contains the flame filter - and now you're ready to go: apply the flame to the filter and inhale. The temperature is under your control - by changing the power of the flame and speed of inhalation.

Pro's and Con's

The Vapor Genie vaporizer is economic, effective and easy to use. Because the unit is small and resembles a traditional pipe, it is also very discreet. But what makes it special is that you never have to worry about battery life – a problem well known to portable vaporizer users.

Using the VG does involve a learning curve. because there are no temperature controls, it takes some experience before you know how best to apply the lighter.


The Vapor Genie comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty - covering defects and unreasonable failures. Damages caused by improper use are not covered by the Vapor Genie warranty