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Vapir ONE Vaporizer

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The Vapir Air One Vaporizer is the third and most powerful vaporizer designed and manufactured by Vapir, a name synonymous with quality in the vaporizer market. The company is confident to assert that Vapir Air One 5.0 is the best not just among Vapir vaporizers but also among other vaporizing products. The heating element used is revolutionary: quartz crystal housed in ceramics. This is in advanced level compared to standard ceramic heating elements in most other vaporizers. The heating system is so efficient that up to three people could inhale through three separate vaporizing hits attached to the device’s single herb disc. Despite its powerful heating technology, Vapir Air One 5.0 is not over-burning or combusting the blends, which is a no-no for all vaporizers. The Vapir Air One has an accurate temperature control read in either °Celsius or °Fahrenheit. The digital display is back lit, facilitating for exact temperature for vaporization. Vapir Air One 5.0 may not be ideal for beginners, but learning to use it with breeze is possible through a users’ manual provided with every new unit. The Vapir Air One 5.0 has three fan-speeds for specific control of air flow. Thus, you could inhale the vapor directly from the device or inhale it from a vapor bag, like how vapor is inhaled through balloon-type vaporizers. To use the latter, let the vapor fill a balloon, which does not have any taste or flavor that could affect aroma. Trapping pure essence and vapor could be easy because air bags provided are 35% larger than original. Use the balloon to inhale more conveniently or share the vapor to other people. Every Vapir Air One 5.0 unit comes with a 3-month (90-day) warranty.