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Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer

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Pinnacle Pro vaporizer

The Pinnacle Pro vaporizer is the new improved version of the popular Pinnacle vaporizer, produced by vaporBLUNT. It's compact size, ease of use and pleasant vaporizing experience make it one of the leading portable rechargeable vaporizers on the market today.

Pinnacle Pro Description

The Pinnacle Pro is one of the smallest rechargeable vaporizers available. With a length of under 6 inches and a width of about an inch, this sleek vaporizer will easily fit in your hand, pocket or purse. But don't let the size deceive you – the Pinnacle Pro is also one of the best, most efficient, easy to use and also easy to clean vaporizers. Among its features: The vaporizer is operated by one button, 5 heating levels with 5 light indicators, battery level indicator, auto shut off. Loading the vaporizer is also simple: herbs are put in a small cartridge, called a bullet, which is then put into the heating chamber. When you are done, you simply pop the cartridge out to refill, while the vaporizer chamber stays clean. For vaporizing oils instead of herbs all you have to do is use the special oil bullet.

Pinnacle Pro Power and Heating

The pinnacle pro is a convection heat vaporizer, powered by high quality rechargeable lithium ion battery. Initial heating time is about 90 seconds, and there is automatic shut-off when the device is idle. The vaporizers had 5 different heating levels to choose from. The lowest level is 370 degrees Fahrenheit and the hottest is 470 Fahrenheit. Each level has a different colored light indicator which is quite pretty. There is a also a battery level indicator. The battery life (which is a very important factor when choosing a rechargeable vaporizer) depends on the heating level you choose. The higher the heating level the faster the battery needs recharching. We found that the battery lasts somewhere between half an hour to an hour. If the battery runs out, you can keep on using the vaporizer while it's recharging.

Pinnacle Pro Construction

The pinnacle pro is made of three main parts – the mouth piece, the heating chamber and the bullet which is the herb loading chamber. It has a durable design, and it's ceramic heating chamber is packed in a high impact plastic body.


The manufacturer of the Pinnacle pro vaporizer offers a one year warranty, restricted to normal use. The battery is sold with a 90 day warranty.