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Launch Box Vaporizer (MFLB)

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  • Acrylic Grinder
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What's Included:

Magic-Flight Launch Box
2x Rechargeable NiMH Glyph Batteries With Caps
Battery Charger
Felt-lined Decorative Tin
Glass Draw Stem
Cleaning Brush
User Manual
Free Gift Grinder

Launch Box Review

The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer is the smallest electronic portable herbal vaporizer on the market. What makes this American made vaporizer so special and well loved is it's clever design and high quality craftsmanship: it's made of wood (the device actually looks like a tiny wooden box, making it extremely discreet) and more importantly – it's the only vaporizer powered by a rechargeable double A battery, making it perfect when you are on the go. All in all, the launch box is a unique, reliable and effective herbal vaporizer, and a great buy for its price.

How it works

The Launch Box is very simple to use yet very effective, producing fresh and pure high quality vapor. To vaporize, slide the transparent lid and load your finely grinded herbs into the trench. After you close the lid, hold the MFLB in the palm of your hand, insert a charged battery into the unit, and press it in lightly. In only a few seconds vapor is created and ready to be inhaled with the fitted glass straw. To have another puff, simple press in the battery again and wait a few seconds. You will know that conduction is taking place when the orange light turns on. Using the Launch Box efficiently is a little tricky, but it shouldn't take more than three or four sessions until you get the hang of it. As with all portable vaporizers, battery life is important. The Launch Box battery lasts for about four sessions. An extra battery is provided, so you can always have it charged and ready, doubling the draw time.

And a word about the vaporizing experience: The launch Box isn't as good as some of the more sophisticated and more expensive portable vaporizers, but it does provide an excellent vaporizing experience considering it's simple design and affordable price. As its name suggests, The MFLB has magic in it, and it's hard not to fall in love with this cute, tiny and delightful device.


The MFLB vaporizer comes with a full lifetime functional warranty, provided by the manufacturer. The warranty does not cover damages caused by improper use, The warranty also does not cover the batteries and the orange light, which will stop working eventually (by then you will have mastered the unit and will not need the light indicator). The unit must have a visible serial number on it.