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iolite Vaporizer

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The ioLite vaporizer is currently one of the the best portable vaporizers on the market. From an Ireland-based manufacturer Oglesby & Butler Ltd comes the first real portable vaporizer in the market in terms of size and usage. The ioLite Vaporizer is designed and made to address key consumer requirements like portability, wireless features, and rich herb vapor delivery. To begin with, ioLite Vaporizer is about the size of a typical mobile phone and weighs less, at just 81 grams. This vaporizer can even fit in the palm of any user’s hand. The ioLite Vaporizer has set the real standard when it comes to vaporizer portability and light weight. Enjoy the freedom from traditional vaporizer restrictions such as heavy battery packs and power cords. You do not need to plug the ioLite Vaporizer into electric outlets just to operate it. ioLite Vaporizer is fully fueled by butane gas, one of the most common and affordable combustion fuels in the market to date. Refilling butane content is just as easy as refilling your typical lighter. Typical butane content facilitates about two hours of continuous herb vaporization. The heating component comprises of a patented flameless catalytic heater and gas thermostat. There is a built-in bi-metal regulator that is thermostatically controlled at a 374°F/190°C temperature, which is the ideal temperature to vaporize an herb before plant material combusts. In comparison, the ioLite Vaporizer is using the same temperature regulator as that used in the Volcano Vaporizer. This vaporizer’s catalytic conversion system is fueled by butane and strategically designed to heat the herb blend in an isolated chamber. The butane fuel is expelled as part of harmless vapor going out through designated escape ports. The process effectively makes butane completely inert, thus, eliminating any possible health risk to users. The ioLite Vaporizer touts quality and health safety as only regulator-approved (specifically FDA) food/medical grade plastic materials is used for the manufacturing of each unit. Once you turn on the ioLite, a light will turn on to indicate when the appropriate temperature has been reached. It usually takes about 2 to 5 minutes to heat up before use. Once the ioLite is turned off, it cools down as quickly as 5 minutes. The ioLite Vaporizer simply strikes the market as an impressive vaporizer because of its features that solve traditional restrictions, including presence of cords and batteries (as mentioned). A 2-year warranty is provided. Every unit comes with a complete set, comprising of replacement parts, a convenient travel case, and an optional comfort care accessory.