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Are you looking for a full-featured vaporizer? HerbalAire Vaporizer is definitely the device you should purchase. With the product’s nice and solid construction, you can enjoy using two major inhalation methods, bag system and direct inhalation. In terms of efficiency, HerbalAire Vaporizer is easily outpacing the competition. There are 18 tiny jets that produce heated air in a precise manner so that the herb blend is only permeated with each vapor inhalation. This function proves to preserve your herbal blend especially in idle use. To prove its efficiency, the HerbalAire Vaporizer can extract vapors from the herb remains of any volcano vaporizer in the market. Talk about being outstanding. The device extracts active herb ingredients using the lowest possible temperature for maximum energy efficiency. In comparison, HerbalAire could extract about four to six times more active herb ingredients than smoking. Using HerbalAire Vaporizer is very easy. After plugging in the base (heater) and the pump, just fill the provided bowl with a herb blend. To use the bag system, attach the bag into the mouthpiece, turning the allotted dial 360 degrees. Set the temperature - the light will turn on to indicate that the selected temperature has been reached. Turn on the pump switch and watch as the bag is filled with vapor. The process usually completes in as fast as 1 to 2 minutes. Turn the pump off after. To use direct inhalation, attach the mouthpiece into chamber. Turn knob control by about 360 degrees until the light indicates the device is ready. Fill the designated bowl with herb of your choice and put it into the chamber. Start inhaling vapor using the mouthpiece. The small holes facilitate passage of vapor from the device into your lungs. Thus, the holes do not emit vapor when nobody is inhaling through the mouthpiece. You could take your time inhaling vapor without worrying about combusting plant matter into toxins. This small and portable device even comes with a 2-year warranty. Many buyers rave about how HerbalAire puts in consumer confidence. You could now enjoy most priced features of high-end herb vaporizers without spending too much for it.