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Atmos Transporter Review

The Transporter is one of the new generation herbal pen vaporizers manufactured by Atmos. Sleek, smooth and effective, the Atmos Transporter pen vaporizer actually looks more like a flask then a pen, making it extra stealthy. And with a size of a little over 3X2X1 inches and a weight of 6 ounces, the Transporter easily fits in the palm of the hand and in the pocket, making it very portable and useful when on the go. This vape pen is also easy to maintain, fill and use, and all in all is one of the top pen vaporizers on the market today.

Construction and Heating

The Atmos Transporter is made of an aluminum body with an anodized outside shell, which provides protection against scratches and dents. The heating element is located in a high grade ceramic chamber, and the mouthpiece is rubber. Powered by two irreplaceable lithium ion batteries, the Transporter heats up quickly and provides fresh and pure vapor. The batteries last for about one hour before you need to recharge them, and recharging takes about an hour. The Transporter has no temperature settings. It heats up to its peak temperature of 380F in a few seconds.

How it Works

Fully charge the battery to use throughout the day using the charger provided. Open the heating chamber and loosely place your well ground dry herbs inside the chamber. Press down the power button for a few seconds. When the light turns from red to green, the vaporizer is done heating up and it is ready to be used. Once you’re done using it, press and hold the power button once again to ensure the heating element is turned off. The device will turn off automatically after being idle for ten minutes.


Atmos offers a limited warranty that only covers replacement of unused defects parts for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Atmos Transporter Vaporizer Review