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What is Vaporization

Vaporization is the process of sublimating (or converting directly into gas) active ingredients or substances found in herbs, blends, and other plant materials. The term is also used interchangeably or in replacement of aromatherapy and phyto-inhalation. Vaporization is fast becoming a more popular, safer, and more effective alternative to smoking, which logically poses many health hazards due to combustion that in turn releases toxic substances and by-products.

Instead of burning herbs, vaporization boils off active compounds into vapor (molecules that are carried by air). There are special devices called vaporizers that specifically and effectively vaporize herbs so that the process of combustion or burning is eliminated. Vapor produced is inhaled directly by users using a pipe or a hose. Heating and vaporization are mostly facilitated through convection, where air moves to flow over herbs to prompt the process.

Vaporization is now widely used in many industries. In the food and restaurant businesses, it is often employed to more effectively release flavors of herbs and spices. In the resort and relaxation sectors, the process is used in facilitating aromatherapy. Of course, the medical industry is quickly gaining pace in the use of vaporization in different herbal and natural therapies.

Because vaporization makes use of inhalation, there are specific advantages of using vaporizers. First, as mentioned, unnecessary and unlikely by-products are not produced. Second, compounds and substances are immediately delivered into the human bloodstream. Then, there is a more rapid effect, and lastly, precise titration is facilitated, which enable accurate control of temperature and herb to bring about target results.

Vaporization is currently a healthy alternative to smoking and other forms of ingesting and absorbing nutrients and useful compounds from plant sources. The process is also used in boosting the effectiveness of essential oils. The popularity of vaporization is apparently accelerating not just in North America, but also across Asia and other parts of the world.