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Smoking vs Vaporizing

Smoking is the oldest method of releasing important substances and compounds in herbs to be inhaled or absorbed by the human body. However, through the years, the health risks posed by the method have been identified and proven. That is why other methods in unleashing herbs’ nutrients and active ingredients have been devised and used, in replacement of the old and proven dangerous smoking. Vaporizing is the best of such methods.

Smoking is significantly less effective than vaporizing. The process of combustion or burning of herbs makes smoking risky to overall health. This is because combustion produces unnecessary and toxic by-products like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, tar, ammonia, ash and other unlikely compounds that are at the same time carcinogenic or cancer-causing. Because there is a need to use fire to prompt combustion, smoking exposes the throat and the lungs to unnecessary and unhealthy amount of direct heat, which could bring about possible damages.
Combustion also has been proven to significantly lower, if not fully destroy, amounts of important and healthful active ingredients in herbs. This way, it is not surprising that smoking brings about numerous adverse side effects. It makes the activity futile because the substances needed are lost in the entire smoking process.

In comparison, vaporizing is not in any way facilitating or using combustion to release active ingredients in plants, herbs, and blends. The substances and compounds are released in vapor form through sublimation, or direct conversion into gaseous, breathable form. Because there is no direct heat (or fire) used, important substances are not lost nor altered. Production of unlikely and toxic compounds, carcinogens and other by-products is also avoided.

The vapor produced is slightly visible just like smoke, but it does not smell strongly. There is no unlikely odor contained in vapor, unlike smoke. You would surely taste the natural flavor and smell the natural aroma of herbs and blends you vaporize. In other words, vaporization simply facilitates better stimulation and absorption of substances than smoking, without the adverse and unwanted side effects.